Volunteer opportunities


Centre Francophone Hamilton relies heavily on its volunteers in its daily activities. Approximately 90 volunteers work with us annually and they are our number one resource! Without them we could not serve our community as we do! Each year, CFH seeks French-speaking volunteers for the FrancoFEST festival, the March and summer camps, as well as all the community clubs and occasional events (shows, cultural activities, etc.). We also recruit new officers for our Board of Directors every year. In addition, we accept all volunteer proposals in our organization, contact us to propose to carry out a new project and activity, and from there many new things can develop! Please send your resume and cover letter to info@centrefrancais.ca if you would like to join us.

Benefits? Volunteering at the CFH allows you to showcase or develop your skills, gain Canadian experience if you are new to Canada, or simply get to know your community better and make new friends there! The CFH thanks its volunteers by organizing an annual recognition evening, by offering tickets to activities and events but also by giving access to our membership and all the advantages that go with it. We reimburse all costs associated with volunteering so that it is not a burden on your shoulders but a real pleasure to commit to our organization!