What we do

Our organization, as a multidisciplinary centre, offers 5 types of services:

1 – Support for Francophone organizations in the region:

The CFH is one of the major socio-cultural references in Central and South-Western Ontario: it ensures the coordination of Francophone initiatives and services in the region and collaborates with many partners to ensure an thriving offer of socio-cultural activities in French. More collaboration between the various service providers is a tool for developing community cohesion and helps to promote the development of essential services to the community.

Examples: Outreach project, presence at consultation tables, member of the Welcoming Francophone Communities Advisory Committee (CFA), member of the interagency table and chair of the economic development sub-committee

2 – Social and community-based activities:

Our clubs and support group activities strengthen cohesion within the community, acceptance and discovery of others, enhancement of social ties and unity around common values to strengthen the Francophone identity.

Check the “Events and Activities” tab to learn more about current projects.

3 – Promotion and presentation of the arts in French:

Arts and culture are essential elements in promoting a community’s identity and celebrating its diversity. The arts create and strengthen community ties. Artists connect directly with our audiences to create unity within the community.
Examples: FrancoFEST Festival, artistic development of all disciplines, artistic workshops in schools, school concerts…

4 – Socio-economic services:

The development of a community relies on the availability of services making the workforce more confident in the labor market, more qualified. Young people are the future of the community and are therefore at the heart of our efforts to develop these services. Our camps offer training for our young people, promote their employability. We train volunteers in leadership, project management, logistics, reception of the public, throughout the year. More than 90 volunteers work with us every year, a third of whom are between 14 and 21 years old.

5 – Services for families and early childhood:

Our day camps in March, July and August, develop the use of French in an extra-curricular context, have an impact on the quality of the spoken language, on the feeling of belonging to the Francophone community, on the identity development of children. They respond to a real need of the community that we have identified through consultations and to which we have been responding since 2014.